Clickbank Product Submission Assistance

Do you need help getting your product listed on Clickbank?

It can be a tricky process.  First you have to get your product itself ready, making it look nice and getting it the right format.  Then you need a sales page that meets all of Clickbank’s requirements.  There is a long list of things your sales page must include for Clickbank to accept it.  Then you need a “thank you” page or download page, which also has a list of requirements.  Then you have to get everything linked together, you have to do a test purchase, and then finally you’re ready to submit it to Clickbank for their approval.  But will they approve it?

We’ve been through the process many times, both with our own products and with our clients.  While we can’t guarantee Clickbank will approve your product since we’re not affiliated with them, we can give you the best shot at getting your product accepted.

We’ve been through the whole process of product creation many times too and can help you with any parts along the way that you may need help with – proofreading/editing e-books, audio editing, book covers, graphics, sales pages, sales copy suggestions, video editing… you name, we’ve probably done it.

If you’d like a free quote on getting help with your project, just fill out your details below and we’ll be in touch.